Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get It While You Can...

Conditions in the Icicle Canyon have been absolutely stellar the last few days. Iced slabs, frozen turf, and hard snow has made for super fun climbing. Monday was spent introducing Jess to climbing ice. The day started on a sunny slab and ended in a very fun ice and mixed line on Icicle Buttress that we completed in 4 pitches. A nice first day on ice for someone who has yet to wear crampons!
I had to work on tuesday so an early start was in order, who could be willing???
Rise and shine!

Cole and I climbed a worthy path up Careno Crag as the snow started to blanket the Icicle.
Glad I got to play in the canyon the last few daysas I am flying to Cali on Sunday...it's time to hang up the tools and head south. Long, sunny (hopefully), free routes here I come!


Siew Moi said...
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Pelangi said...

Hi Jens,
Which route is the first pix. The ice looks awesome!

Also have you tried R&D lately? wondering if the ice is too thin to take ice screws. Thanks!

Pelangi said...

Hi Jens,
Wanted to ask if you've been anywhere newar Hubba Hubba. Wonder what the ice condition is like... Thanks!

Jens Holsten said...

Hi Pelangi-
The first ice pic is at the Stone's Throw Wall. A great place for intro ice and an easy top rope set up. I did R%D about 3.5 weeks ago. It was in very different condition and featured ice that was very, very thin. The crux was an extra exciting lead as a result, but very fun. Now, I think the route is in better condition. Thin, but in. A screw or two will go in somewhere for sure. Hubba Hubba looks pretty good (this was two days ago). Hope this helps!


Pelangi said...

Thanks for the helpful info Jens! Do keep sharing your climbs (and ice conditions!)