Sunday, May 31, 2009


Not a lot to report from L-town besides a growing psyche for the upcoming trip to the Stikine Ice Cap in SE Alaska. Max and I have recieved incredible support from Leavenworth Mountain Sports (best shop in the east!!), Black Diamond, and Pro Mountain Sports (best shop in the west!). I just want to thank you all so much...we'll see what happens out there.

Me looking really dorky with the 1997 issue of climbing that sparked my interest in the Burkett Needle. Dreams do come true!

Although I don't have a lot of climbing news, that doesn't mean I haven't been getting after it. Sol and I took another shot at the L-Town 15 and failed again. Not to say we didn't have fun. To push yourself in this sport is to accept failure and laugh about how much you are getting your butt kicked at certain times. We nailed 13 of the routes and felt good about the project. Hopefully next year we can claim all 15. I sincerely hope some of these routes see traffic in the future. Hard climbing is not the norm in L-town, but it's out there. Seek and ye shall find...check out Sol's great trip report about the L-town 15 on Cascade Climbers in the rock climbing forum. Fun stuff.

Sol rapping Air Roof (5.11b, an Icicle classic)

I have also spent a few days up at Trundle Dome recently. The salt and pepper granite at this crag is gorgeous and super fun to climb on. Plus, it recieves ample evening shade, a big plus during these hot days of summer.
I also stood on top of Mt. Stuart a few days ago, climbing the Ice Cliff Glacier with Max Hasson. It was nice to spend a mellow day in the alpine. No run outs or scary moments, just enjoying the mountain evironment. The route was really fun (I am a sucker for slogs) and I was able to eye up a future project in the area...but that will have wait for my return from Alaska. This upcoming week includes a nice dose of alpine madness, so stay tuned for more bad pictures and cheesy writing!

Max enjoying fine snow conditions on the approach to the Ice Cliff

The Hassasinator assasinating the upper reaches of the Ice Cliff Glacier

Myself having fun on ice

The radical environment of the Ice Cliff Glacier

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Trevor Swezey said...

I first saw that route from the N. Ridge of Stuart and have wanted to do it ever since. Way to go!