Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Couple Thangs...

Hi guys, just wanted to point you towards a couple of fun links. First, check out:

I have a feature detailing (in only 700 tough for such a big trip) our recent Alaska adventure and my friend Blake has a great write up about Gorillas in the Mist, our new route on Mt. Stuart. Kelly Cordes and Dougald McDonald do a great job with this newsletter...thanks so much guys! Also, take a look at for some news about DOE...there are a few pics there, but we hope to share more in the coming weeks...Max still has not released the "good" shots.

Next week should be busy as I am going to bottle some wine...lot's of work! I will hopefully squeak in a few training sessions around all the work, so I might have an adventure to share, if not, check back soon for a trip report about my up coming Incredible Hulk trip. Should be a blast!

Here are a couple of shots of that Bad Ass Max Hasson killing it in AK... stay psyched everyone!...

Max on the key diorite pitch (5.9, very scary) and Max running it out on pitch 2 of the NPR

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