Friday, September 18, 2009

Monkey Party!

Hey monkeys...come have some fun hanging with friends and looking at shots of a few adventures Max Hasson and I have been on recently. This event is especially important as the Redmond Vertical World has always been supportive of me as a person and a climber. My life has really grown from the roots I layed down there so many years ago. Thanks again Vertical World!


JN said...

Jens - looks like I missed your show again. I was out of town but had a couple days in the alpine. It sounds like you had another good trip to WA Pass on TRL. Let me know if you ever want a place to stay in Winthrop (shower, etc.)

I see Sol is showing pictures this Friday night. Unfortunately I have to work this Fri.-Sat. so I'll miss that too. You're not showing anything Sat. night by chance are you? Nice days right now. Jim Nelson

Jens Holsten said...

No Prob Jim! I hope you had a good time in the 'pine. I am not showing on Sat. however as I will be out of town. What I need to do is just stop by your shop and show you some pics. Next time I am in the the Seattle area, or your out in L-town, let me know and we can do that. Also, I need to give you your tent back! Let's go climbing soon, maybe a day in L-town this fall?