Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi Friends!

Just wanted to give a small update on my travels. I am currently in Sevilla, Spain dealing with the culture shock of big city hustle and bustle versus the High Atlas (beautiful mountain range in Morocco) lifestyle I have been enjoying the past week or so. I am safe and psyched and have a ton of great blog material (writing, video, and pictures) coming your way next week when I arrive home. The highlight of my trip has been new friendships made with Berber friends (Morocco´s original inhabitants, many of whom live a nomadic lifestyle in the deserts and mountains of their beautiful country). I am already salivating at the thought of a trip next winter to connect with them and climb on the gigantic, dusty red walls of their homeland. The climbing has been great of course, both in Spain and Morocco. I have enjoyed focusing on sport climbing, a style I literally never practice these days. Five years as a Cascade Slogger (a label introduced by my Cali rock crushing friends) didn´t help me send 8a, but I did manage to onsight 5.12 fairly consistently, proving to myself that I am reaching my goal of being a well rounded alpinist.

Now, Jessica, Rigel, and I are spending a few days sightseeing and relaxing (we should be on the beaches of Portugal tomorrow) before our flight to the States April 8. Can´t wait to get home and back into the mountains...alpine ice anyone? See ya soon!