Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Settling In

Settling In by Jessica Campbell

Muddy snow sprays from the bald tires of Chase Latta's blue chrysler minivan. We laugh hysterically like the 16 year olds we are. Doing donuts in the Skull Hollow parking lot in the middle of a cold February night beats the hell out of our normal high school lifestyle. The next day we sleep, wake without coffee, and charge towards the sunny walls of Smith Rock State Park. We climb innocent. No ego and no pressure.
Blue Light Special (5.11a) and Liquid Jade (5.12b)
Flash forward to last week. I'm not 16 anymore, but I'm back at Smith, ready for five days on stone that literally directed the course of my life. I learned to push my limits on it's walls and have never looked back.
Jessica, Chase, Rachel, Max, Ryan, Jasmine, Drew, River, Honcho, and myself (thats a mouthful!) enjoyed a handful of days on the sweeping orange planes of Tuft (the rock type) that is Smith. Sharp crimpers tore tips, tiny feet tested toes, and heady climbing demanded bravery. Smith is awesome.
River watching the sunset
Vision (5.12b)

Go Dog Go (5.12c)