Sunday, July 25, 2010


This life cannot be faced alone. Companionship, support, honesty, and inspiration keep us walking life's trail with a bounce in our step. Most people, including climbers, gravitate towards others with similar passions and ambitions. The energy we receive from our friends fills us up and is passed on, a positive chain reaction that sparks our imaginations, spurs us into motion, and empowers us through the journey of our dreams.

For the past decade I have lived and breathed climbing. I've walked this path with amazing athletes and true friends. Although I've cherished all my experiences, the past few years in Leavenworth have solidified the core of who I am, as a climber and as a person. With clear desires and the positive willingness to get there, my friends and I are living our ambitions and seeing our goals through to the end.

It is difficult not to improve in this environment. Everyone trains hard, pushes above their gear, and finishes their projects. Unless your careful, its easy to fall off the pace. More than ever, I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next level. It may sound a bit competitive, and in a healthy sense, it is. Through failure and success we laugh, try hard, and love the mountains. To all my friends, thanks for paving the way and helping me bust my own chains of limitation.

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