Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good Life

Arriving home to Leavenworth after any expedition is a breath of fresh air. Leaving the glacier and entering a lush environment of pines and wildflowers above a twisting river always perks the senses to delightful heights. My eyes suck up the color in the world, my nose inhales the freshness of spring, my hands scrape into granite cracks, and my legs carry me through familiar mountains.

Sol getting to business on Snow Creek Wall's infamous "Pressure Chamber"

Joel Kauffman and I en route to Argonaut

Great conditions in the Cascades makes Jens happy!
Since returning from Alaska I have been switching gears in preparation for an upcoming trip to Yosemite. I haven't been on the rock much in the last three months and I need to be ready to hold my own with my Cali rock crushing homies! My focus has been on slick slabs, wide cracks, and powerful boulder problems. "Afterwork specials" (get off work and go as big as possible, often fitting a whole days worth of climbing into an afternoon) are in effect and the adventures have taken me throughout the Icicle, up to Snow Creek wall a couple of times, and out to the steep radness that is Index. Of course, I couldn't resist a day in the alpine, so Joel Kauffman and I swept through the Stuart Range, climbing a beautiful variation to Argonaut's NE Coulior. Our 25 mile loop and climb kept my slogging inspirations sated and I'm headed out to the rock again today. Life is good!

Just another day in my backyard

Jess Campbell and River psyche up for a free recon of the Upper Town Wall's Green Dragon

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