Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back From The Pickets!

Sol Wertkin and I getting ready on day 6. We had spent most of the previous days traversing the amazing ridge in the background.
Sol trying to get service on our last climb, Luna Peak. We had climbed the ridge in the background as well as a peak in between these two points. We spent the next day and a half leaving the high country and walking out Access Creek to Big Beaver Trail, to Ross Lake, and finally to Highway 20.

Sol Wertkin, Dan Hilden, and myself have just returned home after an incredible journey through the North Cascades. On September 2nd we set off to tackle an especially ambitious goal: the full Picket's Range Traverse. Although Sol and Dan had been in the area before, none of us had a real idea of what to expect. We gave the effort our all, but came up short in the end due to a variety of factors. Still, we climbed 15 beautiful peaks in 7.5 days and had the adventure of a lifetime.

Over the next few days I will put together a detailed post regarding our trip. Between the three of us, we have great photos and video that we hope will share our story in an inspiring manner. Stay tuned!

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