Monday, February 6, 2012

Stick With Me!

Only have a minute here, but wanted to let everyone know to watch the blog in the next week...I've got the rest of my Patagonia trip to post up, as well as a great story from a recent FWA of the Northeast Buttress of Dragontail, one of the longest (if not, the longest) routes in the Stuart Range. Over a wild day and a half, Nate Farr, Colin Bohannan, and I completed this route in windy, but sunny weather. Gotta run and pack my bags for the next mission. Big weather window to play with here in the Northwest!! See you with more stories (they're adding up here!) in a few days...

Approaching the NE Buttress of D-tail

Colin surfing the heights

Myself all puffed up on route!

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KHS said...

Hell yeah Jens! Keep at it, send and stay safe!