Friday, May 8, 2015

The Chad Kellogg Memorial Route

Near the end of April, my good friend Vern Nelson Jr. and I were able to finish a mixed climbing project on Argonaut Peak, a relatively small, but interesting mountain in the Stuart Range. ran a nice trip-report style story of our ascent. Check it out here:

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Micah Bryan Humphrey said...


I love the blog and have been following it for sometime now. I want to first start off by saying how sorry I am for loss of your close friend and climbing partner. My highest condolences.

As to the content of my comment, which may seem a bit out of place, yet relevant. I am a frequent climber at Little si, and for the last three weeks or so there has been a chalk bag that we found and hung up by one of the belay anchors at the base of the ledge beneath Propaganda, with Chad Kellogg's name on it. Several of the people I climb with knew who Chad was and so we left it there, maybe thinking whoever left it on the ledge originally maybe did so on purpose? If not, and they would like it back, it is still on the ledge at Little si where I described. The story I like to entertain is that maybe someone close to Chad is going around and leaving small artifacts at his favorite crags and backcountry spots, but that may just be me romanticizing a lost chalk bag.

Anyway, thanks for keeping the blog going, I look forward to reading about more of your adventures in the future.