Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice Day For A White Wedding

Alright, climbing geeks...sorry to disappoint, but this post has nothing to do with the Smith Rock test piece (White Wedding, 13d/14a). My sister got married this past Saturday, an event that was powerfully punctuated by snow, thunder, and lightning. I had been looking forward to the wedding for a long time and it was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be.

I showed up at the rehearsal fresh off the plane, bags in hand, Thursday night. I was looking, well, homeless to be honest. Hair all over the place, a beard, and after a day on the plane, I probably wasn't smelling like flowers either. They let me in the church anyway once I convinced them I actually had a part in this (j/ always, I was welcomed with open arms). The rehearsal went well and by the next day I was involved in my own extreme makeover.

Saturday saw me looking unusually sharp, so I snapped a few pics, just to prove I actually can clean up. The picture above is of my self, my dad, and my brother. Looking decent, huh?

The ceremony was short, concise, and enjoyable. I gotta admit, I was busting every button. My little sister a married woman...hard to believe, but not at all seems like yesterday that we built forts, slept under the Christmas tree, and followed our dad through the Cascades on those early wilderness trips.

After the ceramony we all left for the reception, which was an absolute blast. Great people, lots of energy, food, wine, short, very fun. We enjoyed each other's company, danced, laughed, and celebrated Andy and Annika's new life together.

One highlight of my night was seeing my sister's ring for the first time. It was gorgeous, the stone originally my grandmother's, then my mother's, now Annika's. Very special.

What a great evening. I sincerely wish nothing but joy and happiness for Annika and Andy. You guys are special as individuals...with each other, unstoppable. Enjoy your life together guys!

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James said...

holy shit! is that Jens Holsten in a tux?