Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alaska Shots

The other day, Dan Hilden, my partner in crime for all things cold and big, returned to Leavenworth from the Great White North. I left Alaska in early May, but he stayed a month longer, fishing and hiking. We rapped about future ambitions and traded photos from a our maiden voyage in the AK Range. Needless to say, we are both obsessed with returning to that wild universe of snow and ice.

Not a day goes by that my mind doesn't wander the incredible peaks of Denali National Park. The buzz of existing in such a powerful landscape is inspiring beyond words. Can't wait until next season! Until then, enjoy a few more photos from our 2011 expedition.

The journey TAT!

Tundra gives way to...

The Alaska Range!

Mt. Johnson

A misty ski tour


Room with a view

Low on the SW Ridge of 11,300

Superb climbing on 11,300

Brew stop

A colder brew stop below the summit of 11,300

Heading home: descending 11,300

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