Thursday, April 2, 2009

Canyon Life

Nearly every time I go climbing with my friends here in Leavenworth, we can't stop talking about the endless beauty and joy our home area brings. A still pine forest, the calming rush of the Icicle River, and familiar climbs that bring satisfaction every time. Home is a good place, especially for a few magical weeks in the spring and the fall. Conditions for climbing and enjoying life in nature are in perfect niche.

These first few weeks of spring has seen us enjoying the pure movement of the Icicle's classic granite blocks. Bouldering has always been a weakness for me and I'm out to change that. The monkeys in these parts climb hard and fun, so with their provided inspiration I've been making some definite breakthroughs. I am hoping to apply what I'm learning to my routes this year. Taking a deep breath, stepping on the silent stone, precisely executing demanding moves, and crouching on top, savoring the flavor of the moment...that is the bouldering I'm learning to love.

Max capping a nice week of climbing with success on The Dangler

Myself, taking The Physical

Jessica doing a good job making The Physical a bit less physical

Rock Monkeys, as found in their natural habitat