Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trout Creek...Is Rad!!

Preparing for any big trip is tiring and all consuming. The months before my trip to Patagonia (I'm in Chalten now!) were filled with work, training, eating, and sleeping. I hadn't been able to spend time with friends and hadn't had many opportunities to sooth my soul on the rock. Truthfully, I was worn out, lonely, and obsessed. Sound healthy? You're right, it wasn't. 

Knowing I needed to remedy the situation before I caught my flight south, Jessica Campbell, River Campbell (big Akida buddy!), and I drove towards central Oregon in a driving rain, not concerned with whether we climbed or not. I needed to forget about work and Patagonia. I needed to sit on the tailgate of Jessica's truck, laugh, tell stories, and enjoy good friendship. I wanted to walk River and sleep under the branches of gnarly Juniper trees. If luck sided with us, we hoped to climb at a crag new to all of us, Trout Creek.

Day one was a complete shutdown. Water fell from the sky without end, but we chose to scope the crag anyway, slipping and laughing our way up the steep trail. We laughed until our guts hurt. The muddy trail was so slippery, we could barely move upwards. It was comical. It was healing.

 Trying my best on day one to ascend a 10 degree slope without falling on my face!

Day two dawned clear, but cold. We waited for temps to rise before making our way back up to the cliff.

 Waiting for temps to rise and the mist to clear...beautiful!

Even though our session was short, I was stunned by how awesome the climbing at Trout Creek was. So inspiring! I ended the day on a unique route that jammed a splitter and then face climbed up the rim rock to the top of the cliff. The most memorable moment was sinking a purple TCU into a small fissure,  climbing until my feel were above it, and then dynoing to the jug of all jugs without hesitation. I cranked few moves to the anchor. Lowering into the sunset, I felt rejuvenated. I was ready to go to Patagonia.
 Trout rad!